Trina Honey M+ 330w Half-Cell PERC Mono Multi Bus Bar Black Frame

Trina Honey M+ 330w Half-Cell PERC Mono Multi Bus Bar Black Frame

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Trina Honey+ 330w Half-Cell PERC Mono Multi Bus Bar

Tier 1 panels can be connected to the national grid. They have been tested and certified to meet AS/NZS standards and come with the comfort that they will perform as advertised. Unlike many of the cheap panels around you can also be fully assured of safety and reliability of these panels.

These meet full AU/NZS standards and are listed on the CEC approved PV module list. You can be fully assured with the safety, reliability and performance of these.

Trina Solar are on of the worlds largest manufacturer of solar panels and lead the world in regards to panel efficiency. These panels are the standard 120 split-cell technology producing a whopping 330w utilising Trina's PERC MULTIBB technology split-cell, meaning these panels are exceptionally powerful in low light conditions and produce higher than expected average power in Autumn, Winter and Spring. They are also importantly less susceptible to shading.


Height: 1698mm
Width: 1002mm
Depth: 35mm
Weight: 18.7kg

** Panel comes with a 25 year 80% Output Guarantee and 10 year Manufacturing Guarantee for piece of mind **

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