Trina / Morningstar 310w 12/24v MPPT Package

Trina / Morningstar 310w 12/24v MPPT Package

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Trina / Morningstar 310w 12/24v MPPT Package

High quality and highly reliable package with two of the most well respected brands making up the heart and blood of this system. Trina Honey M+ solar module and Morningstar Ecoboost MPPT controller.

The controller is a level above the well known and respected Tracer AN series, having 4-stage charging and allows for upto 20A draw on the load side of the controller.

Package Includes:

- 310w Black Frame Trina Honey M+ Mono PERC Solar Panel
- Morningstar 20a Ecoboost MPPT controller
- Black 7pc ABS mounting kit
- 4m 4mm2 AS/NZS Standard PV Cable
- MC4 Connectors (attached to cable)

Panel Specifications:
-Height: 1650mm
-Width: 992mm
-Depth: 35mm
-Weight: 18.6kg

Controller Specifications:
- 12 or 24V System
- 4 Stage Battery Charging
- LVD - Low voltage disconnect
- MPPT Tracking (allow higher voltage panels to be used on 12,24v system)
- 20A of Charge current meaning 300W of solar @ 12V or 600W @ 24V
- 2 x USB ports for charging