Tiny-Home X2 Package

Tiny-Home X2 Package

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Our X2 package is perfect for 1-2 people. Comes complete with every component needed at the DC side including an AC distribution board. 

Our systems are well designed and thought up. Each component has been selected so as to ensure that they each support one another. The 2kw Solar array is well sized for the battery bank and the ability of the Victron inverter to convert DC battery power into AC power in the most efficient manor.

A BMV-700 battery monitor gives total insight into your battery condition and is also integrated into your Victron inverter giving battery information at 2 sites.

Narada REXC 2v Lead Carbon batteries are exceptional quality, durable and can be deeply discharged. They come with racking system to ensure a tidy installation.


- Victron Easysolar CC GX 24/3000

- Narada 2v REXC-300 Lead Carbon Batteries

- Battery Racking System

- 6x 415w Longi LR5 Half-Cell Solar Panels

- Victron BMV-700 Battery Monitor

- Victron V.E. Direct Cable 5m

- 15m 6mm2 PV Cable

- 15m Corrugated Solar T Conduit

- 4x Conduit Elbows & 4x Couplings 

- 2x 2P Breaker Enclosures

- 1x Suntree 25a PV Breaker

- 1x 125a Battery Breaker

- 1x T Branch MC4 

- 5x MC4 Connectors (pair)

- 10x SS Solar Clips & Cable Ties

- 6m 35mm2 Battery Cable HD

- 6x 35mm2 M8 & M10 Copper Lugs w/Glued heat shrink