Suntree HD DC Battery Breakers

Suntree HD DC Battery Breakers

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Tested and certified for DC systems up to an incredible 550V

Designed for demanding offgrid power applications incorporating high voltage DC currents, the SM1 Circuit Breaker from Suntree is most commonly placed between your battery stack and inverter/charge controller.

These match up perfectly for our tiny home systems in either 24v or 48v. 

It has the IEC60947-2 standard for Industrial applications in polluted, humid. harsh and outdoor applications(not the lower current and voltage IEC60898-1 switchboard standard for clean and dry indoor use)

Model Number: SM1-PV DC breaker
Type: Moulded Case
Poles Number: 2
rated current In(A): 125A or 250A DC breaker
rated operating voltage(VDC): 500V
rated insulation voltage Ui(VDC): 1000V
rated impact voltage Uimp(kV): 8kV
Ultimate breaking capacity Icu(kA): 25kA
trip type: thermal-magnetic
ambient temperature(C): -20C~70C
altitude: 2000M for DC breaker
insulation: fixed, plug-in DC breaker

Example Breaking Behaviour
2000A 0.02 seconds
1000A 0.2 seconds
400A 20 seconds
200A 120 seconds
125A 20 minutes