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MT-11 Remote Meter

MT-11 Remote Meter

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Remote meter for the Epever Duo Series.


Epever’s MT11 remote meter is an accessory which is compatible with the DuoRacer series controller.  The running data and working status of the controller can be monitored via the MT11 remote meter. The MT11 can browse the controller’s parameters, set the battery type and temperature unit and clean the generated energy. It is suitable for RV, Camper, Boat, and other small applications.


  • Automatically identify and display the type, model and relevant parameter data of controllers.
  • Real-time display the operational data and working status of the connected devices in digital, graphics and textural forms by a large-screen multifunction LCD
  • Three touch buttons are easy and quick to operate
  • No need for external power supply.  Charge controller supply the power for MT11
  • It can browse the controller’s parameters, set the battery type and temperature unit, and clean the generated energy
  • Real-time display of failure information of the connected devices.
  • Longer communication distance based on RS485


  • Apply to model: DuoRacer series
  • Self-consumption(Power on): 13mA/5Vdc
  • Self-consumption(Power off): 4mA
  • Communication way: RS485
  • Communication port: 3.81-4P
  • RS485 cable:
    • CC-RS485-RS485-3.81-4P-150(1.5m)
  • Dimension: 98.4×98.4mm
  • Base cover dimension: 114×114mm
  • Enclosure: IP20
  • Environment temperature:-20℃~+70℃
  • Storage temperature range: -20℃~+70℃
  • Weight: 0.11kg