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MC4 Solar Crimping Tool
MC4 Solar Crimping Tool
MC4 Solar Crimping Tool

MC4 Solar Crimping Tool

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These high quality, long life MC4 solar crimps are perfect for those who are doing their own solar installation and or maintenance. These allow for you to install correctly MC4 connectors anywhere on your solar PV cable.

We use this exact tool for all our installations and have chosen to on-sell them due to our tried and tested experience with them. You simply won't get better for the price!

Suits 2.5mm, 4mm and 6mm2 solar cable and connectors.


- Durable hardened steel for long life
- Easy to use


Handle Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

Material: Hardened Steel

Type: LY-2546B 2.5-6mm2/26-10AWG

Length: 21cm

Application: MC4 terminal