EPEVER XTRA Series MPPT Controller

EPEVER XTRA Series MPPT Controller

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Epever’s XTRA Series MPPT Solar Charge Controller for off-grid PV systems with LCD displays.

Has IEC & EN certification for off-grid systems. 

Using Epsolar technology to maximise energy harvest from PV arrays and simultaneously minimize the power loss within a wide range of operating conditions, XTRA series apply an advanced smart algorithm which results in up to 30% higher efficient charging, compared to a conventional pulse width modulation (PWM) charge controller. XTRA Series controllers have limit protection function on charging current & charging power, as well as auto derating power operation at high temperature; this protection ensures the stability of the system even at exceeded rated PV power and over temperature conditions.  Protection class IP32 and isolated RS485 communication port further improve the controller’s reliability under different application requirements. XTRA series controllers incorporate a self-adaptive three-stage charging algorithm based on a digital control circuit, which effectively prolongs the lifespan of battery and significantly improves the system performance. It also has extensive electronic protection for overcharge, over discharge, PV & battery reverse polarity and more to ensure the sustainability
and durability of the off-grid solar system.

The XTRA Series controllers can be widely used for off-grid RV, household systems, field monitoring and many other applications.

XTRA Series MPPT Solar Charge Controller 

  • MPPT tracking efficiency above 99.5%
  • Maximum charge conversion efficiency as high as 97.4%
  • Support lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries
  • Low temperature protection and self-activate function for Lithium Battery Charging
  • Multiple load work modes
  • Charging power and current limitation function
  • High –temperature charging power derating function
  • LCD display units with setting control
  • Isolated RS485 communication port with standard Modbus protocol
  • High quality and low failure rate of ST or IR to ensure service life
  • Real-time energy statistics function
  • Monitor and set the parameters via App or PC software
  • Dustproof and waterproof design with IP33 protection class design
  • CE certification(LVD IEC62109,EMC EN3/1-6-61000