Company Bio

'Equipurself Limited' trading as 'Equipurself Offgrid' has been operating since 2013. With a strong background in the outdoors and our national parks, the desire to protect and maintain the environment created the move into sustainable energy.

We started by installing a 5kW grid tied system at our premises to reduce our carbon footprint. Impressed with the results in terms of carbon reduction and reduction in energy costs we have set out to "Equip" New Zealanders with the mastery of sustainable power.

Our vision is to provide quality Solar, Wind and Hydro systems to the market at an affordable price. Sustainable energy does not need to break the bank and it must be sold at a price to be cost effective if we are to reduce our impact on the environment.

We plan to now operate electric vehicles and are building our new warehouse to be completely off grid powered by Solar and Wind.

We design, supply and install systems for Caravans, Motor-homes, Tiny Homes, Residential and Commercial premises. 

Systems can be designed for all budgets.

We are located on the Kapiti Coast and can be contacted at:


Ph- 021 729511